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What is the eat healthy roadshow?

The eat healthy roadshow is a series of events promoting healthy foods and products, fitness, and exercise to start you on the road to a healthier future.  We want to instill in our communities’ youth that  eating well now, coupled with regular activity is a lifestyle that they need to focus on and create a future-oriented mindset.  The eat healthy roadshow will have cooking demonstrations, food sampling and interactive fitness activities along with educational information about managing and possibly reversing chronic health concerns.  

Let us know what topics you are interested in and we will attempt to include those in future roadshow events.  

Here’s to a healthy new you!!!


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"A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU" - Speakers


AMBER THIEL of The Healthy Edge

 The Healthy Edge

Amber's background includes being a college professor of  Human Nutrition and Wellness, all-star collegiate athlete and coach, author and acclaimed personal trainer.  Amber spends her time traveling as a transformational speaker, conducting one-on-one and group coaching for women and operating as CEO of The Healthy Edge. 



 Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified, Precision Nutrition Health Coach, Certified NASM Personal Trainer, International Best-Selling Author and public speaker.  Derailed a future as a Type 2 Diabetic in 2006, Tracy started making better lifestyle choices and was  inspired to go back to school where she trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods as well as science-based personal training. 



 H20 Matters

Jennifer is passionate about fitness and preserving the environment.  She has been thriving on a delicious plant based diet for over 24 years and thoroughly enjoys connecting with others to make a lasting impact for their health and wellness goals. Jennifer shares the Truth about drinking waters and popular beverages people consume to hydrate.  Through various tests, she will empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, and offer tips for optimum hydration to support your body’s best state of health. 


 AMANDA STROMBOM of  Vegetarians of Washington

 Vegetarians of Washington


Amanda Strombom was inspired to become a vegetarian after reading the book Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.  In 2001 she formed Vegetarians of Washington with a partner, Stewart Rose.  Vegetarians of Washington is an independent non-profit organization which seeks to help people discover the advantages and experience the pleasures of vegetarian food.  They take an open arms approach, welcoming everyone whether an experienced vegetarian, a beginner or just curious. 


 SCOTT DAVIES of Pike Place Market

 Pikes Place Market

Scott Davies has been Education and Outreach Programs Manager for the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) since 1994. He regularly presents to students in schools and leads tours in the Market to teach about the diverse, colorful and vibrant community that is the soul of Seattle. 


PATRICK SANTIAGO of Team Beachbody

A Special Thank You to our Emcee.

Team Beachbody Star Diamond Coach where he developed a team of over 5000 independent coaches across the US, Canada, and England and is now a Star Diamond.  His goal is the be a part of this group of health professionals and help END THE TREND OF OBESITY by educating individuals and arming them with best practices to win and to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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Meet the Team

Violeta Alano

Violeta Alano

President and Founder

Violeta Alano also runs a full-service marketing and advertising agency, La Vista Advertising, whose primary goal is to connect businesses that are looking to expand their marketing reach into the diverse, multi-cultural market in which we live.  Has experience in working with a major Seattle advertising agency, Cole & Weber, followed by a number of years in the broadcast sales and management arena. 

Shirley Thom

Shirley Thom

Vice President/Sales 

Shirley Thom's experience includes work as a sales representative, sales manager, and sales and management consultant for several industries, including media, sports and event marketing, and broadcast electronics.  Shirley enjoys her work, focusing on the needs of her clients during her many years of  delivering positive bottom-line results to their businesses.

“Coach M” Marlina Velasco

“Coach M” Marlina Velasco

Social Media Specialist

Marlina is a Certified Metabolic Fitness, Nutrition Coach and founder of MOVE To Be Fit since 2009.  Marlina also coaches elite athletes through  Physiques Northwest, organizes fitness events, and online workshops for  followers across the globe, speaker, metabolic shift educator, and  published author.  A drug-free athlete, Marlina competed  in her first of 16 bodybuilding contests at 42 years old.  She has  earned 12 titles and trophies, including two first place, an overall title and won a Gold Medal in power lifting.  As an Independent Univera  Associate since 2007, and Qualified Gold, Marlina is  a passionate, committed part of the Live Young Live Univera™ community.

Maryann Rhodey

Maryann Rhodey


A Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, Dr. Sear Wellness Coach, and Author, and a Special Ed Teacher.

Maryanne is passionate about empowering individuals of all ages to live their best life through nutrition, lifestyle and fitness. After being diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases, both highly correlated with chronic inflammation and nutritional deficits, she realized the role that food plays in both our long and short term health. Additionally, Maryann realized how much of a role nutrition played in her student’s for better school performance. She strives to share her passion for healthy eating and assist you in discovering the best way to eat for your own body chemistry. 

Connie Futrell

Connie Futrell

Digital Communication Development

Leader in Program and Communications Management specializing in 

Strategic Branding and Digital Marketing Production.  Connie  recently started a business to  assist women in small business start up with creative marketing strategies to  separate themselves and rise above the competition. 

More to Come

Interested in learning about open positions or how you can help the organization reach others and spread the word? Email Violeta expressing your skills and interest in assisting the eat healthy roadshow grow and  teach others about healthy foods and more.

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